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    Join us for the Digital Workplace 4.0 Conference, which will provide a key platform to discuss how digital technologies are transforming jobs and impacting workers, organisations and industries.

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  • Check out the op-ed by Prof Sun Sun Lim, Dr Sreeja Nair and Dr Gayanthri Haridas detailing key insights from our SGUS research and how sustained efforts at different career stages are needed to match changing needs and trends in the industry and education landscape.

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  • Check out the latest commentary by PhD student Suhaila, Prof Sun Sun Lim & Dr Brigid Trenerry detailing the challenges that women faced in balancing home and work duties, including the invisible labour of caregiving that has increased in not only physical but emotional and cognitive forms.

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  • Read our case study “Preparing for Workforce Transformation in Singapore: The Role of Technical and Vocational Education and Training” which is part of ‘Digital Asia: Highlighting digitization trends in Asia’ co-published by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Regional Programme Political Dialogue, Singapore, and Digital Asia Hub.

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  • Read the latest commentary by LKYCIC Senior Research Fellow Samuel Chng and Head of HASS Professor Sun Sun Lim, discussing the benefits as well as costs and considerations that SMEs will have to face in their digitalisation journey.

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  • Missed out on our Digital Workplace 4.0 Webinar Series?

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  • Read the op-ed by Dr Brigid Trenerry, Dr Gayathri Haridas and Professor Sun Sun Lim of the Singapore University of Technology and Design, explaining why it is crucial to ensure gender diversity and inclusiveness as we enter the era of Industry 4.0.

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  • In the leading cover story of the IT Society magazine, Head of HASS Prof Lim Sun Sun shares insights from her research as a media ethnographer and discusses the key initiatives needed for change in the industry.

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  • Read the commentary by former Nominated Member of Parliament and Head of HASS Professor Sun Sun Lim, welcoming Singapore's new support initiatives for mid-career jobseekers but also echoing industry leaders' recommendation to carefully manage expectations of involved parties.

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  • Read the latest commentary by SUTD PhD Scholar Suhaila Zainal Shah, written in line with #InternationalWomenDay 2021 theme of #ChooseToChallenge and Singapore declaring 2021 as the Year of #CelebratingSGWomen to spotlight women's ongoing struggles and the importance of countering deleterious yet persistent social and gender norms that hinder women’s progress and ability to thrive in a digitalising world concurrently battling Covid-19.

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Concerns are growing about the impact of digital disruption on jobs and workplaces – from the challenges of adopting new technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud computing) to the rapid transformation of key industries. As jobs and workplaces evolve, organisations must strive to understand how to prepare their employees and create agile workplaces to bolster organisational resilience and maintain competitiveness.

Our research aims to help organisations like yours do exactly that. In partnership and consultation with you, we will track the nature and scale of workplace digital disruption in your organisation. We will assess how you and your employees can best respond to the challenges of disruption so as to retain your competitive edge.

As all industries in Singapore are likely to be transformed with the introduction of new and emerging digital industrial technologies,
our research will inform the expedited adoption of new technologies, skills development and training, the creation of new jobs, and development of policy responses to digital disruption. We are inviting organisations like yours to participate in the research project.

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